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Dear owner,

Thank you for your interest in our rental program.

A rental program focused on the owner.
Our company is the only one in East Tennessee to offer a attractive rental program for cabin owners, where owners have the freedom to promote, advertise, rent, clean their own property or do nothing at all.

This is what we have to offer if you want to add your cabin(s) in our rental program:

1) If you rent your cabin by yourself and do everything about it, we charge nothing.
2) If you rent your cabin by yourself but want us to take care of cleaning and everything with it, we charge 10% with a minimum of $50. Ideal for out-of-state owners who advertise and find guests by themselves.
3) If we rent your cabin by ourselves, we charge 30% with $50 minimum. This the same service provided by other rental companies.
4) Owners can use their cabin at anytime, we charge nothing unless your want us to clean ($50).
5) Owners choose themselves the rates. We do not impose rates unless stated by the owners.

So, if you feel that other rental companies charge too much or you don't get enough business for your cabin, we may be a good alternative.

Anne & Cody THOMAS

We would like your opinions on these log cabins for sale. They can be custom designed. Would these be ideal for a new Smoky Mountains rental retreat?

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